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What’s the story with our process?

What is “Storied Design?” It’s the outcome of Feisty Brown’s process

With great enthusiasm, and modest fanfare, Feisty Brown launched its new website earlier this month. Why the change? First, the obvious: a fresh look is always in style. If we want you to appreciate us for our design chops, then we’ve got to make a show of it now and again. 

Equally important, we want the website to reflect our editorial design roots, placing a stronger focus on the narrative with a clean and simple approach to storytelling. We love how the design guides you through the work, blending imagery and content effortlessly; using case studies that get to the point without sacrificing effectiveness. Each element on the page adds personality to the whole of who we are.

And who is that exactly? An intentionally small and incredibly flexible design studio that specializes in client connections. That will never change. Understanding your nuances and needs is storied design. And how that comes to be is through a process that is also a bit telling. 

One critical difference
Let’s be clear: every communications firm has a process. And while the creative approach may be similar from studio to studio, there is one critical difference with ours: we are flexible. Your company has a unique proposition, and it’s our job to get that across. To be formulaic in our approach would risk the understanding and sharing of the things that make you different from your competitors. And no one wants that.

Our process begins with you. What are you thinking? What are your concerns? What is your audience feeling? Are there internal factors? Is it the environment? Historical considerations? You tell us. Like sponges, we’ll absorb every word, and if needed, help you determine what exactly your communication needs are. From your mouth to our brief: the next step is to turn what we heard and discussed into a project brief that will serve as our creative blueprint. We want everyone on the same page.  

Then it’s time to determine what visual language we’re speaking. Developing creative mood boards allow us to develop a look and feel for your story before we fully flesh out concepts. Think of this step like paint swatches: you want to get a sense of whether or not a color works in the room before you buy a gallon (or ten). In addition to being a cost-saving measure, its true value is the inspiration it provides, helping Feisty Brown create the right solution to your needs.

Now that we’ve got our blueprint and our boards, we can bring all of the details together to create the concepts we’ll share with you and your team. Our goal is to develop an approach that resonates deeply: a fully realized idea that says, “we heard you.”  And with your approval, we flesh out that approach and create a design that marries form and function. 

Looking for "Yes!"
You are the editor in this process. In your leadership role, you will have the final say. Does the final creative strike the right chord? Does the message resonate? Does it provide the right solution? We will continue to collaborate with you and refine the story until every answer is a resounding “yes.”

So, what is “Storied Design”? It’s the outcome of Feisty Brown’s process—an authentic solution that reflects your values, addresses your needs, and provides you with a valuable solution. In short, we turn your story into experience. And it’s what we promise to deliver when you let us in, let us listen, and let us get to work. 

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Our studio partners are an integral part of each project we take on, every step of the way. We are small and nimble, and we adhere to the belief that doing excellent work for a few is more valuable than doing satisfactory work for many. We develop genuine collaborations and relationships with our clients and are shoulder to shoulder with you as you take the next step closer to your audience