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What my Pinterest boards say about me

I, like 430+ million other people, enjoy Pinterest. As a designer, I view the platform as a resource — a venue to see what’s been done, what’s trendy, what’s worth noting, etc. During a recent review of my boards, I couldn’t help but notice some patterns in my own preferences and habits. In fact, I found the exercise somewhat revealing. So here, in no particular order, are some thoughts on what my Pinterest boards say about me. 
I like fat type with big projections. It’s static but also moves. That's what draws me in. 

Negative space is the space I like.

I’m fairly certain that my love of international design stems from a visit to Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” attraction when I was seven years old. (Click here for the song. Good luck getting it out of your head.)

I admire all forms of hand lettering. Even on the windows of supermarkets.

There is a crispness and flow to design that is from, or influenced by, the Middle East that I really love.

Nice color!.

Pinterested? If you are curious to see what else my Pinterest boards reveal, I invite you to follow me @theofels.

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