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We believe every design must tell a story. It must engage, captivate, and inspire—a successful marriage of language and objective, image and emotion. Because there is always a way to make others take notice. And it doesn’t hurt to be a little Feisty.
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2020 IMF online annual report

It takes experience to be Feisty Brown.

With more than 35 years of internal communications experience, Feisty Brown can confidently claim “we know our stuff.” From annual reports to event branding—and everything in between—our work spans the corporate gamut. And it’s very likely that we’ve worked on a project that relates to your own. So if you’re looking for both experience and relatability in a communications partner, you’ve found it.
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Your internal external team.

You’re there and we’re here, but we’re always together. From the moment you engage Feisty Brown, we immerse ourselves in learning your organization’s values and goals. We become your team. And from our bird’s-eye view, we provide a fresh perspective that makes your internal communications engage audiences in new and exciting ways.

Designed to be nimble.

Our studio is intentionally small, and for good reason. We believe doing excellent work for a few is more valuable than doing satisfactory work for many. Ours is a team of trusted partners who bring their talents and passion to every project. Together, we develop genuine relationships with our clients, collaborating every step of the way.
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recent work: 2020 IMF aNNUAL REPORT DESIGN

How we helped the IMF tell the story of 2020.

We've been the International Monetary Fund's trusted partner for many years, but our collaboration on their 2020 annual report will be one of those truly significant projects that we'll always reflect on with sentiment. The question we faced was: how do we visually capture such a staggering year through story and images when the crisis is still unfolding? And how do you even art direct Zoom-captured headshots?

We produce the IMF's annual report as both a print publication and a website so our creative team needed to connect the two through design but also offer stand out elements of each that would do justice to the media and the significance of the year.

In print we thought a lot about the tactile experience of reading a physical publication and chose a matte paper that is slightly more weighty than the norm, feels good to the touch, and suited both offset and digital printing. We added some flair to the publication by using a vellum page to highlight the About Us section which contains relatively evergreen copy sometimes overlooked by readers. We also used gatefolds to house and accentuate the report's expansive core data.

On the web, our development partner, Cantilever, used video to enhance primary sections and pulled in supporting content from social media. Interactive touches like a reading progress bar, data with on-scroll motion, and supplementary reading lists, all help situate and immerse the reader in the full report. Throughout both, we used full bleed photography, elegantly simple graphs and charts and the IMFs clean san serif font to frame the copy.

Produced in 8 languages, our accommodating publication design beautifully reflects the global significance of the International Monetary Fund during times of crisis.

IMF Annual Report is published in 9 languages.
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Your ideas and words. Amplified.

All corporate employees have at least one thing in common: more than simply needing to communicate up and down the ladder, they need to be heard. Sometimes it's one-off projects like introducing a new program initiative to a vice president, or putting together an All-Hands meeting for 5,000 employees. Sometimes it's quarterly survey results or an annual publication. Whatever your needs, Feisty Brown will help your communications stand out and get noticed – and be heard.
We work with Capital One's Card and Commercial Banking businesses on many types of communications:
  • embedded design support for ongoing communications
  • branding for teams and lines of business
  • celebratory communications for employee appreciation and recognition
  • intranet site design
  • article design
  • infographics
  • executive presentations