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I Before E: Except if You're Feisty

Let’s be honest, in the world of communications, you can expect a lot of sameness.

We’re not saying this to be shocking or contradictory to agency claims of uniqueness, rather, we think it’s a fundamental truth that should be acknowledged (we’ll explain why later). Think of it this way, the general process we all follow—know the audience, know the product, know the budget—is standard operating practice. The “Ps” of marketing—product, place, promotion, purpose—are fundamental knowledge. And as the client, you should always expect trust, respect, and confidentiality. Always. 

Yet, no two clients are alike. To the contrary, communications should be setting your product or service apart. Its very purpose is to tell the audience exactly what makes you different, why they should pay attention, and what action you want them to take. But how can your communications set you apart if there is so much sameness?!

You find the exception. With more than 30 years of exceptional experience, Feisty Brown has some thoughts on finding the right communications partner.

First, you want to engage a team with a “craft attitude.” These are artists who view your work as a personal reflection because they put themselves into the work. These creatives would never apply a “tried and true” strategy to your project for the sake of budget or timeline. Rather, true craftsmen of your brand will develop solutions and approaches that meet your unique objectives and goals. 

Next, you want communicators who find the work “intellectually absorbing.” As information sponges, people who value the experience of learning new things, they will want and need to understand your brand inside and out. These professionals know that in order for your work to be clear and captivating, it must project a thorough understanding of your topic and business. 

And lastly, you’ll want to make sure your communications partner brings more than talent to the table. A well-rounded team is composed of multifaceted individuals who bring unique strengths to the team, but have mutual respect for each other. By understanding the role that each person brings to the engagement, the team works collaboratively and in appreciation of each other. Connecting on a human level, a team like this brings out the best in each other—and your work.

Rules do exist for good reason; they ensure fairness, equality and accountability. But your communications must be unique if they are to be memorable and effective. You have to seek differentiation—not for the sake of breaking rules, but because there is beauty in uniqueness and there is good reason for exceptions.

And because breaking rules can be fun.

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